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Poverty is an infrastructure of the enemy. 

Poverty prevents goods health, hampers good marriage, destroys reputations, humiliates one and makes you to be inactive in your Fathers business.

We must and we shall eradicate lack, poverty, struggles and the like 

so we can serve God faithfully, in Spirit and in Truth.

It is time to take back what God has for us. It is time to take back our rightful place. Believers have suffered too long in bondage. The wealth of the unbelievers is stored up for the believers, but believers are living the opposite of the promise, it is revolution time. March with me fight with me. We must take back what the enemy stole from us. Take it back for our children for it is their inheritance. We have been walked over for too long. Passiveness is not holiness. It is time to turn the table around. Stand up like a mighty army. Many believers aren’t living a victorious life. It is time to break the bounds. We must take back our life as Christ meant it for us. We must come together as God’s people and put the enemy to shame. Enough is enough. 

Rev. Dr. Alexander Ikomoni


No to struggling 

No to chaos and confusion 

No to bottom of the barrel 

No to scratching and scrapping 

No to lack 

No to Poverty 

No to unnecessary worries 

No to a defeated life 

No to sickness 

No to depression 

No to suffering 

No to pain

Yes to peace 

Yes to rest 

Yes to unity 

Yes to togetherness 

Yes to good living 

Yes to increase 

Yes to overflow 

Yes to abundance 

Yes to all that God has prepared for us. 

Yes to fulfilling the plan of God 

Yes to victorious living 

Yes to serving joyfully 

Yes to worshiping our God in spirit and in truth without unnecessary distractions 

Let us move forward like a mighty army



 To bring all back to the cross of Jesus Christ. To turn from spiritual death to spiritual life, from separation from God to a relationship with God, from darkness to His marvelous light and empowerment as the Holy Spirit gives grace.   

Prayer Room of All Nations

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer..

Romans 12:12


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