There is Room at the Cross

One people with one purpose Genesis 11:1-4 recorded a people of one voice, one language, one journey, one place, one plan and one purpose. Having being led by the spirit of the Lord. It is impudient to call the called Back to the Cross of Jesus Christ. It is my singular mandate to call God’s people from Darkness to His marvelous light.

This assignment is not a one-man army. It is a coming together of the called to carry a part of the cross with Jesus. There’s room at the cross of Jesus Christ for all, there is room at the cross for the faithful, there’s room at the cross for those who have derailed, there is room at the cross for the called, there is room for ministry, there is room for me and you. Bring your talents, bring your gifting’s, bring your anointing, bring you.

We should be kingdom minded not church. Unity is needed. Together we must be in the upper room in one accord, one mind, one church, one Christ, one spirit, and one God to be victorious, to overcome, to experience all that God has for us. What is your calling? There is room for you. What is your purpose? There is room for you. What is your assignment? There is room for you.

The Bible gives many promises that are not being fulfilled in believer’s lives. It is time to take back what God has for us. Time to take back what the enemy stole from us. The wealth of the unbelievers are stored up for the believers. It is time for that scripture to be fulfilled in believer’s lives and more. It is time to live like Kings and Queens. Believers network is designed to break the infrastructure of the enemy and give hope and life in abundance to all believers. Join the movement today and help to fulfill the great commission which is the ultimate.

The mission is to reach the lost and empower the hurting. Empowerment through education, wealth, self-esteem, to live a victorious life, serve faithfully, lead the home, church and community with the fear of God.