Who is a Chaplain?

A chaplain is essentially a spiritual representative who is ordained or commissioned. Chaplains are expected to serve the spiritual and emotional needs of others. Some chaplains perform wedding or funeral ceremonies, administer communion, deliver spiritual messages, offer prayer at public meetings, and provide regular counseling. Other chaplains meet the need of the moment, usually through listening and prayer. Chaplains may also function as advocates; hospital chaplains, for example, may make requests of a nurse to help meet a patient’s needs; military chaplains may provide for marriage enrichment retreats.
Chaplains work in many environments. Most commonly, chaplains are attached to the military, to hospitals, to law enforcement and fire departments, to political bodies (such as the United States Congress and Senate), to sports teams, and to educational institutions. Some corporations, music groups, and even households (historically the nobility, and now certain monarchs), may also employ chaplains. 


Chaplaincy Education


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* 5 Saturdays (9am-4pm)


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5 weeks

Approval & Accrediations

* BCI Certificate of Chaplaincy

* American Chaplaincy Association Membership (optional)

* BCI Chaplain Badge (optional)

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